Thursday, November 17, 2011

Westward American Road Diary: Roswell and Carlsbad, New Mexico

Some women are football widows. I am a History Channel Ancient Aliens widow, which is how I came to find myself in Roswell, New Mexico, at the Roswell UFO Museum Research Center. I went along with my true believer for moral support, just like my carnivore other half attends vegan "Thanksliving" dinners and politely eats all the Tofurkey on his plate.

A little history care of the UFO Museum website:

In the summer of 1947, New Mexico rancher W.W. "Mack" Brazel was checking on his sheep after a thunderstorm and came upon a debris field. His neighbors the Proctors told him he might have UFO wreckage or that of a government project, and Bazel reported the incident to Sheriff George Wilcox, who alerted Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel of the 509 Bomb Group. Days after, the debris site was closed while the wreckage was cleared.

An initial press release stated that the wreckage of a crashed disk had been recovered, to be followed by a second press release claiming that the 509th Bomb Group had mistakenly identified a weather balloon as wreckage of a flying saucer.

In Roswell, Glenn Dennis, a mortician at the Ballard Funeral Home, received calls from the morgue at the air field. The Mortuary Officer needed "small hermetically sealed coffins,and wanted information about how to preserve bodies that had been exposed to the elements for a few days, without contaminating the tissue.

Dennis drove out to the base hospital later that evening where he saw large pieces of wreckage with strange engravings on one of the pieces sticking out of the back of a military ambulance. Upon entering the hospital he started to visit with a nurse he knew, when suddenly he was threatened by military police and forced to leave.

The next day, Dennis met with the nurse. She told him about the bodies and drew pictures of them on a prescription pad. Within a few days she was transferred to England, her whereabouts remain unknown
." Read more here.

Are you a believer in alien life? Will the government admit to this life? I believe it may well exist. Could society handle the truth?

Looking at this solar system poster, I considered I hadn't thought much about the solar system at all since grade school, and then it was just to memorize the planets.

Note the UFO street lamps.

Even the Roswell McDonald's is in the spirit. The thing I enjoy about McDonald's when traveling: the restrooms. Sorry McDonald's! If you add a veggie burger, I'll come get one.

Off to the Carlsbad Caverns after lodging at a $60 a night Super 8 with a just-okay continental breakfast.

It was eerie and awe-inspiring walking through here. It just felt otherworldly.

The Hall of Giants.

Ansel Adams photographed the caverns, but was frustrated by the lighting.

The Antiquities Act protected these very caverns.

I kept seeing signs for iced cold cherry cider on the road to the caverns, and had some here. Good...very sweet.

There was bat show at the caverns at dusk, but we were off to our next adventure. After a veggie burger and Carrizozo raspberry cider in the cavern cafeteria, back on the road, stopping at a truck stop for a slice of pecan pie and a cup of joe.

Next stop: dreamy Santa Fe.


  1. parisbreakfastNovember 24, 2011

    I would LOVE to paint that slice of pecan and cup of joe...

  2. I can't do more than take a photo. We all took art in school (I hope they still do that!) and my art teacher used to help (read: finish) my paintings. I'd get so far on it one day, the next day I'd come in and it was completed!