Monday, January 20, 2014

Girl Blew West Diary: Bainbridge Island

When my two doggies see their leashes being taken out, their tails don't just wag in excitement. They burst out into full play for several minutes, so eagerly and joyously anticipating their walk. Anticipation really is so much of the journey. I read that a study showed the effect of vacation anticipation boosts happiness for eight weeks.
Bainbridge Island was on my list to visit in Washington state and boosted my happiness before, during and after my visit. When I saw two kayakers paddling by our lunch spot, I felt a little regret we didn't stay overnight on the island to explore more, but so much adventure was to come I can't complain.
We didn't think to bring our car on the ferry, and stopped to inquire about renting bikes, but the guide told us the island is very hilly and suggested just walking since we were here a short time.
A charming gift shop, with cheery flowers.  
Just browsing today.

There were so many inviting looking place to eat. We chose the Harbour Public House with its sweeping water front views and took advantage of the beautiful skies and ate outdoors.  A locally produced Bob's Pecan Patty veggie burger and salad (which I prefer to fries), which I had with a Washington state hard cider.

Sharing an apple blackberry cobbler a la mode. I agree with the sentiments I read once, life was simpler when apples and blackberries were just fruits.

Breathing in the perfume of roses by the restaurant, and taking in their vibrant color.

Yes, I ate dessert twice within an hour. Can you blame me? Lavender ice cream from Mora Iced Creamery. We'll be visiting lavender fields a little later.

Even the artwork was in a zen mode. 

Our ferry ride pointed us back to the city...
but my heart was looking longingly at the water, trees and mountains in the distant.
Before going to Ashford for our journey to Rainier National Park, we visited Chateau St. Michelle in Woodinville, about 30 minutes outside of Seattle. My husband Steve is more the wine connoisseur, and he loved the wines here, some even more than in the California wine country. While we had the national parks at the top of agenda for our visit to Washington state, we were pleasantly surprised at what a foodie trip this ended up being. Cheers to that.

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