Thursday, June 16, 2011

Postcards from Abram Demaree Farm Stand

One of the things I'm most proud of as a New Jerseyian is our farms. Visiting a farm each weekend is an essential for me, since I'm in the midst of bustling New York City each weekday. Even if I wasn't, farms are just a cherished part of my life.

Abram Demaree Farm Stand in Closter is one of my favorites, and my mom and I often lunch there. We think it's as fine a way to pass a weekend day as any.

There's something about the sight of an old pickup truck in front of a farm that tugs at the heartstrings a bit, isn't there?

Homemade: one of my favorite words.

No pesticides, no herbicides. Who wants that lurking in their food? I often wonder why we spend so much money on clothes, expensive handbags, grooming, our monthly plans for gadgets, pouring money down our gas tanks on (voluntarily chosen) fuel inefficient cars - but we skimp on quality food. Why?

Sharing the split pea soup and baked macaroni cheese.

Other vegetarian staples at the farm include potato leek soup; tomato, homemade mozzarella and basil pesto paninis (below) or spinach and feta cheese paninis; salads to order; and a Swiss cheese spinach quiche. I'm already dreaming of their zucchini marinara in the summertime. Find homemade goodies like pies, chocolate chip or sugar cookies, and carrot or blueberry muffins.
We eat outside on their cheerful patio.

I love the craftsmanship of this old stove.

Forget what you've seen on television. This is my kind of Jersey Girl-pride.

Chickens across the way. Why can't all chickens be outside and not in some filthy wire cage in a factory?

A few weeks ago, this bird sat on its "nest" (just the gravel lot). Isn't nature amazing?

Isn't this farm amazing?

There's also a bring and sell shop with antiques and vintage clothing.

Lavendar fields line the road (speed limit 45), begging the harried soul, slow down. Linger. Admire me. You're missing all this great beauty!

I was really surprised to learn that the average farm household will get only about 13 percent of its income from farm sources, based on USDA predictions, according to The New York Times. We need to support these family farms! Even if you go in and buy a bag of peaches, a container of cherry tomatoes, or some corn. It matters! If you have children, take them there. On a recent episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, he did a flash card test with teenagers, and several thought butter came from corn and not cows. Yikes!

I was really excited to read about this site Farm Stay U.S., where you can find farms to stay at overnight. I hope to visit one, and if I do, I'll bring you along for the fun.

They next time you pass a sign like this, stop.

Find a local farm near you through LocalHarvest.


  1. You really make New Jorsey look wonderful!
    I wanna move there.

  2. Thanks Carol! We have our share of crowded highways, malls, big box retailers, etc. But my New Jersey is small farms, lovely parks, beaches, great independent shops and restaurants, libraries, historical celebrations, and such. It's what I want to fill my world with.