Monday, April 30, 2012

Retro Matinee Movie Feature: April in Paris

It's April 2012 and I'm in New York City, but I want to be with Doris Day in 1952 headed to Paris. I found a copy of April in Paris, with Day and Ray Bolger (the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, a movie that frightened me as a child and still does, but I digress...) thrifting as I often do at New York City's Housing Works for $3. I often wonder if I go thrift shopping too much, but I fill my life with these wonderful gems that I discover at these shops. Day is more popularly known for her films with Rock Hudson, which I acquainted myself with this year (an aside, I'm obsessed with the fabulous pink kitchen she had in Pillow Talk!), but as a Francophile I'm partial to April in Paris, about Day as a show girl who gets an invitation mistakenly to go to Paris. We're probably in too cynical an age to make films like this anymore. The sets probably aren't fancy enough for some (no impressive computer graphics), or the plot too simple or campy. Since I take terms like "dated" often as favorable, April in Paris, J'adore! Steve and I were in Paris in September a few years ago, I still remember how it rained on our picnic of lentil salad, a baguette, and apple tarts in front of the Eiffel Tower, the even more pouring rain at Versailles which prevented us from seeing the grounds, and the loud, complaining child behind us on our sunset cruise along the Seine. Sometimes, the wind just blows and blows on your dream bistro meal. Very little takes place in Paris, but it's more that dream of Paris anyway: of romance, of long lunches at cafes, and oh the Eiffel Tower. "April in Paris, this is a feeling." And yes, the bill arrives at the end, but how it is still in my heart. Travel is something Steve and I agree to spend money on and don't do major gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and such so we can indulge in travel, but I do plenty of arm chair traveling too. Doris Day bonus points: she does animal advocacy work with her Doris Day Animal Foundation (a friend of animals is usually a friend of mine), and she released her first album in 17 years in December to benefit the group. Betty White (who I adore!) isn't the only Hollywood senior going strong.

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