Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Can't Help Falling in Love...With The Music of Elvis Presley

My fledgling Elvis collection, I'm so proud! The Viva Las Vegas soundtrack and Elvis CD from a great local music shop in New Jersey, and two greatest hits CDs and photography book with CD, from Housing Works.

Who knew at 35 years of age I'd become such an Elvis fan. I have his Number Ones CD from years ago, but fell in love with his music after taking out Viva Las Vegas on a whim from the library. My sister reminded me of a great scene from one of our favorite sitcoms, The Golden Girls, where Rose and Blanche throw Dorothy out of their unauthorized Elvis fan club for mocking a pork chop once purported to be eaten by the King. Elvis would never leave that much meat on a pork chop, Dorothy winced! When Blanche suggested Dorothy join an organization less fanatical in its devotion, Dorothy remarked, like what Blanche, the PLO?

I think we use the term "star" far too liberally nowadays. Stars shine bright on us from above and light up our lives and the dark sky and bring us up. This star dimmed too soon, on August 16, 1977. Elvis was beyond a star. He was the highest point in the galaxy: an icon.

From the movie that started my obsession, C'mon Everybody.

If you're an Elvis fan, feel free to share your favorite songs, films and memories.

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