Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Postcards from a Jazz Age Lawn Party

Economic woes, hurricanes, blackouts, environmental destruction. I can't take it! Let's escape to the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on New York City's Governors Island.

Strike up the band: Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra. If you like 1920s and 30s music, check out WFUV's The Big Broadcast Sundays from 8 to midnight. You can listen to two week's worth of archives for one of my favorite words: free.

Cut up the rug like it's 1921.

Check out classic cars. Wonder if any cars today will be considered a classic in the future. I know mine won't be.

So dapper. I love the parasol the lady is holding - after all, what did they do before sunscreen? Pale me often carries an umbrella when sightseeing, but a parasol - that's got pizazz!

They did have food for sale for $10: Jack Daniels BBQ beef, chicken salad with cranberries, and for vegetarians like me, a black bean burger with cilantro and feta cheese. Smaller hot dog plates for $6 were available too, including a tofu dog.

Steve and I packed a picnic: peanut butter and jelly, cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes, limeade and peaches.

Well we weren't that frugal: my St. Germain elderflower liqueur in champagne with a lemon twist (so good!) and my heart's desire's Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale beer, $5 each. We had a vanilla ice cream cone too. I love the comfort of vanilla.

The one word I think of when pondering the clothes, music and fashion of the 1920s era: style.

I love men's hats. Darn that JKF for not wearing one to his inauguration and killing sales!

Since I was practicing being "in the moment" taking less photos, are were some snapshots from last year's party.

Women's hats from Odd Twin. I cherish my small vintage hat collection, which I've acquired at thrift shops.

She looks like she just stepped out of her time machine!

Zelda, "The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau." A recent cover girl (not here) was Ginger Rogers, who said she did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.

Admire the style of the bathing beauties, including the stylish lady on the right. Reflect on how sultry a bit of modesty can be.

On my bucket list: take part in a vintage photo shoot. One day!

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