Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Picking...At Last! A Day Trip to New Paltz, New York

So it was in my 35th year of life that I finally went...apple picking? As avid a farm goer as I am, and someone who answers "going to the farm" as a highlight of the fall season (even when summer is on the calendar), I have never been apple picking, or anything picking!

I can go to Demarest Farm in Hillsdale, New Jersey, but I go there often, and I've been dreaming about a Sunday drive with my sweetheart Steve for ages. We headed to New Paltz, New York, a town I've driven through but longed to explore. We picked the first farm we found: Apple Hill Farm.

Before we even hit the orchard, we were overcome by the sweet smell of cinnamon sugar cider donuts, 75 each.

I admired but didn't go up this ladder, the image of which reminds me of an old family farmhouse in Switzerland that had ladders by cherry trees.

Eating apples doesn't even feel appropriate in the thick of summer. Now they taste just right.

A pumpkin dotted field. Can't you just smell the fresh air looking at the photo? Working in New York City during the week can be an assault to the senses. Even just a day trip here is so restorative to the harried soul.

Inside, find cider, homemade pies, and flowers from the fields, among other delights.

Warms the heart, doesn't it?

Our bounty! This large bag was $18.

I loved this family farm by the way. On their web site, it stated of family farmer Joe Moriello, "(Pop to everybody) died on May 8, 2000; he was 92 years young...He was a simple self made man whose world was uncluttered by cell phones, facsimiles and the internet. In the words of one fellow farmer at Pop's services, "the world changed around him but Pop just went straight." What a wonderful life of health, longevity and experience of the American Dream that he enjoyed."

Joe sounds like my kind of fella. While I enjoy much about technology, I love the idea of also being "uncluttered" and being able to go "straight" as the world changes around you. I'm glad my life doesn't have phones with internet or Facebook even though that's what everyone around me seems to be doing. Those things just aren't my cup of tea.

Back to our delightful outing.

Afterward, we explored the Walkway over the Hudson, which is dedicated to preserving the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge in nearby Poughkeepsie. From the pedestrian walkway bridge, the view of the Hudson.

The Hudson: a river reborn. Think of all the life the river supports.

Walking across the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Joseph Bertolozzi has a unique sound-art installation in which he composed songs using the bridge as an instrument. We found two points where you can stop and listen to the music.

Back in New Paltz, a perfect ending to just about a perfect a day as a soul could wish for: pumpkin ravioli (on the night's specials), $20, at Harvest Cafe. I also had some of their hot mulled cider, $4, which warmed the body and spirit on a crisp evening.

What does your perfect fall (or almost fall) day look like? Do you enjoy farm visits? Apple picking?


  1. Your apple picking trip sounds lovely! I'm so happy that you finally got to go. And those doughnuts? YUM.

  2. Hi Cate! It was. :-) They were heavenly! I definitely want to make apple picking a seasonal tradition.

  3. Wonderful salt of the earth pictures.
    Wish I was in your shoes Catherine

  4. Hi Carol. Thanks very much for the comment. It was an unforgettable day. Likewise, I feel the same way when viewing your adventures on Paris Breakfasts.