Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rainy Days, Tea & Sympathy Dreams

Is there a place you dream about going when it rains? For me, it's New York City's Tea & Sympathy, my favorite rainy day haunt. I do also like a good Irish pub, where I'd devour a bowl of soup or veggie burger with some Magners cider and rice or bread pudding. Just thinking aloud! Under a blanket napping or sitting by a fireplace with a book or watching a great film sounds equally inviting. I wish I had a fireplace.

At Tea & Sympathy, comfort food is a must. The Welsh rarebit: English farmhouse cheddar with mustard and tomatoes on toast, $10.95, and a pot of blackberry tea, $4.50.

Hopefully a good friend is by my side sharing something equally nourishing to the soul, like the cheese onion quiche with a salad.

Long after it was eaten, still dreaming about a rhubarb crumble with hot golden custard, $8, enjoyed at a coveted window table.

Had a bite of my good mate's chocolate hazelnut banana cake, $8. I must try adding hazelnut and chocolate chips to my next banana bread loaf.

At Carry On Tea & Sympathy, the shop next door, Will and Kate fever continues!

Keeping Up with the Karadashians? No thanks. Keeping Up Appearances is more my speed. I always want to watch an episode when it rains.

What is your ideal rainy day filled with?


  1. That scene is one of the best from the entire series! I've seen it at least half a dozen times, but I still laugh my tush off every time I watch it. Oy. I so love that show!

    My grandmother was an immigrant to this lovely country and she always maintained her daily Welsh ritual of having a large mug of tea. It's one of my warmest memories of her.

  2. It's my favorite episode! :-) I also love when Hyacinth has Richard try out for a job at Frosticles so she can refurbish the dining room and makes him chant, "I'm forceful and executive. I'm forceful and executive!" Poor Richard!

    I love the idea of a mug of tea as a "ritual." Aren't those daily soothing rituals what are so wonderful about life? Just like when Julie Andrews sang of seemingly ordinary things in "My Favorite Things."

  3. I haven't been in so long..
    What delicious looking food
    Must go back sometime soon...
    merci carolg

  4. Bonjour Carol! So much good food to be eaten, so little time, right? I eat there in my dreams often. I'm sure you must be eating some heavenly macarons or anything deliciously French. I love traveling through me taste buds!