Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Adventure

In life so far, I've...

Happened upon turtles on their first day of life braving the new world in Cozumel, Mexico.

Sat in a beer hall at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Was blessed with a clear view of the Matterhorn and wondered how many adventurers were on it. Switzerland is the home country of my parents, who were both born there.

Pondered the life of women across the world, whether she is selling vegetables on the streets of Tangier, or...

Maintaining traditions, performing in a flamenco show in Seville.

Watched the sun smile over a Lisbon castle.

Found out it was possible to fall in love: with a city, Paris.

Found out it was possible to fall in love with an entire country: Italy. La dolce vita is for me.

In the charming Disney Pixar film Up, a young couple, both adventurers at heart since meeting in early childhood and later married, long to take a dream trip to Paradise Falls. They meticulously save their coinage in a jar but they keep cracking it open when real life gets in the way - an accident, a home repair, and such. Now elderly and the wife having passed away, the old man looks at the photo album of their life together with a note from his wife at the end of thanks for the adventure, and encouraging him to go have his own. Their life together was the real journey more than any faraway land.

While I've been blessed to have seen many places, money and time are limited, and most often my traveling will only extend to my armchair (reading books, poetry or blogs, eating, films and so on). But I remember the sentiments from Up, and give you today's favorite four letter word: live. Live the adventure of life every day.


    I loved the first part of UP.
    But not the second...
    I will try to 'live' harder today in Paris.
    Just 3 days left.

  2. Hi Carol. Paris Breakfasts is one of the blogs I so love to armchair travel to Paris, Venice or wherever you happen to be (even savoring one's own city). Enjoy it!

  3. Hi Catherine, Thanks for these inspiring thoughts perfect for spring awakenings. The photos you share here of favorite places are so very beautiful. I love that movie too, UP, it was uplifting and so is your writing.

  4. Hi Jennifer. Thanks so much for your comment. Spring awakening, what a lovely way to refer to what is happening all around us as we (and nature) awake from a long winter's slumber. Exploring opportunities are everywhere.