Saturday, March 26, 2011

Making Me Smile Right Now

Best yet, free or frugal.

Frugal: my community school Advanced Beginner French class, which breaks down to just $10 a session. I hope to travel again to France one day (I went for a week a few years ago to Paris). I simply love the language.

Frugal: finding albums at thrift shops like New York City's Housing Works, these just 50 cents each. Don't you adore album art, another dying art in our digital age?

Free: using the library to explore music more. I can't stop listening to Scarborough Fair, April She Will Come and The Sound of Silence on The Graduate soundtrack! The Simon & Garfunkel songs were my favorite part of the film.

The Museum at Bethel Woods: The Story of the Sixties and Woodstock is well worth a visit if you're ever in that area.

Free: rewatching the Umbrellas of Cherbourg, a French film where every line is sung, with the stunning Catherine Deneuve. I loved Deneuve's feminine, simple style (including the bows she donned in every scene) and the color - color everywhere.

Free: watching partners in life by the lake in the park. Spring is in the air.

Frugal: drinking my morning cup of coffee out of this thrifted "Chorus Line" mug, $1, while listening to the nature's chorus line outside.

Frugal: eating vegan strawberry rhubarb pie from Old Hook Farm. The plate, also thrifted.

Free: walking with my favorite, four-legged friend (a rescue dog my family found on Petfinder).

The news is doom and gloom everywhere. Remember all the simple things in life that make you smile. Most cost very little, some nothing at all.

What's making you smile? Robins in the parks? Brighter days? Seasonal foods? A great piece of art (written, sonic, visual, dramatic or otherwise)? Declare it publicly or ponder it to yourself. Remember to smile often.

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